Using the Client Portal

If you are reading this, you are the client of a law firm using Lawmatics to grant you access to your client portal. Greetings! This article will walk through the basics of using your portal to view important information on your matter.

When your law firm has invited you to the portal you will receive an email prompting you to accept the invitation and create a password.

You will receive an email like the one shown below. The word “Lawmatics” in both the subject and email body will be replaced with the name of the law firm.

After you have accepted your invite, you will then be able to sign into your own portal dashboard to view details on your matter whenever you would like.

Your login is unique to you specifically, even if you are part of a joint matter, the other contact(s) will have their own separate login to their own portal.

Once you sign into your portal you will see a page similar to the one shown below.

  • Tasks
    • See tasks that the firm has assigned to you that need to be completed along with the date the task is due.
  • Signature Documents
    • View documents the firm has sent you for signature. You may have received your document via email as well, so feel free to sign it from your email or from the portal.
  • Files
    • View files that the firm has saved on your matter and upload files as per their request. These could be files that they have already received from you, or other files that they have uploaded on your matter.
  • Calendar
    • Keep track of your upcoming appointments with the firm.
  • Forms
    • View and fill out any forms that the firm has requested from you. You will have likely received your form via email as well, it can be accessed from the email or from within your portal.
  • Messages
    • The firm may send you messages with updates or information about your matter, view them in your portal.
  • Firm Info
    • View the firm’s contact info such as address, phone number, and email address.

You are welcome to log in and out of your portal as you wish. After you have already accepted your invitation and accessed the portal, to login again you will simply return to the original invitation email that was sent to you, and click the Access Portal link.

Should any questions come up regarding your portal access, feel free to contact the Lawmatics team at For any case related questions, be sure to reach out to Jill Gregory Law directly at