Family Wealth VIP Membership Program

Is the Family Wealth VIP Membership Program Right for YOU?

I made the decision to break free of the traditional mindset of being a one-time transaction attorney and instead to build lifetime relationships with my clients where I may be a trusted advisor to my clients throughout their lifetimes through my Family Wealth VIP Membership program.

In the same way a medical concierge doctor creates a proactive and lasting relationship between doctor and patient, my membership program allows me to be a trusted advisor to my clients – a trusted advisor they can and should call before making important life and financial decisions.

It allows my clients to call on me without the worry that they will receive an invoice in a few weeks. We all know of someone who allowed a situation to escalate or made decisions that many times end up costing them far more money in the long-term all because they did not want to spend $250-$500 to consult with an attorney proactively.  I offer my clients a way to ensure that when they need my objective counsel, they can access it without worrying about what it will cost.

The value of the membership program is that my clients have access to  their own personal lawyer.



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