Give A Gift That Will Last A Lifetime and Beyond

Now is the time to give the gift of estate planning to those you love. This is a gift that will last a lifetime and beyond – and one your family will thank you for!

It’s my mission to make sure your family makes the very best legal and financial decisions and is protected for their lifetime and beyond.

This applies to your children, your parents, your siblings …Do you have grown children? Do they have a plan in place to provide for their children? Will you be raising your grandchildren? Will their assets need to unnecessarily go through the expensive and lengthy probate process – and will you be called upon to handle the probate? Do your children have advance health care directives in place – if they are over 18, this is a planning must!

What about your parents? Do they have a plan in place so you will never need to petition the court to set up a conservatorship? Do they have advance health care directives so that you or another family member will know their medical wishes, and will have the authority to see that those wishes are followed? Do they have a trust so that you may step in and seamlessly take over handling their finances if they are no longer able to do so?

Once their estate plan is in place they will…
  • Have chosen the right guardian for their child.
  • Be secure in the knowledge that they have their financial house in order.
  • Rest assured that they are making smart financial choices about things like saving for college, keeping their money safe and buying life insurance.
  •  Ensure their child (& spouse) are prepared for life without they.
  • Legally be set up to avoid ALL estate taxes & keep their family out of court.
  • Know that they are leaving their loved ones a gift far greater than money.


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