Mediation with Parris Trimble

After litigating hundreds of divorces in Orange County, and seeing firsthand the destruction courtroom battles can bring to families, both emotionally and financially, I have turned my focus to helping clients reach a more peaceful resolution.  

The goal is for the parties to work together to reach a settlement.  It is unlikely that the settlement will be perfect, however, the hope is that it will be a settlement that each party can live with.  A settlement that has spared the family in tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, and years of fighting of their spouse in court.  A settlement driven by serving the best interest of the child(ren) involved.

 Why Mediation: (why a client should consider mediating their divorce)

Is a win in court even a win?  Divorce is one of the most painful and life altering experiences one may endure.  Litigating a divorce in Orange County is a costly endeavor.  It is not uncommon for parties to sell the marital residence to pay their attorney’s fees and costs. Mediating your divorce allows you to maintain more control over the dissolution process.

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